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Pitch Deck Preparation

We make evaluating a business easy.

We prepare compelling, research-driven pitch decks which contain all required information professional investors will look for when evaluating investment opportunities. Check out some of our past work.  

What's in a pitch deck, you ask? 

Capital Raising

We assist in facilitating the fundraising process through seeking capital from our network of offshore high net worth individuals, family offices, venture capital funds and private equity funds. We look for companies with

  • $1m+ in annual recurring revenue;

  • Strong & motivated founders;

  • A large addressable market with global customers; and

  • A desire to seek investment from Australia, Asia, the US or the UK. 

Does that sound like you? Tell us a bit more about you here.

Pitch Coaching

Fundraising is a complex and time consuming process. We work with companies that want to excel at capital raising because we know what it's like to be on the other side. 


Our pitch coaching program comprises of: 

  • Session One: Structuring Your Story​

  • Session Two: A Pitch for Every Occasion

  • Session Three: Fundraising Strategy

  • Session Four: Practise Time